April 23, 2018


Product and Application

  1. What is the mixing ratio of Armor Art products ?

     Armor Art Ultra Clear Epoxy Resin : 100:50 by weight , 100:50 by volume.

     Armor Art Ultra Clear Epoxy Cast Resin: 100:40 by weight , 100:50 by volume.

  2. How many minutes do I mix before use ?

     Mix well the two components all the way to the corners of the recipient during 3 minutes (an incomplete mixing does not guarantee hardening,  mixing too strongly can create the appearance of bubbles).

  3. What is the curing time of Armor Art ?

     Armor Art Ultra Clear Epoxy Resin : 24 hours ( Hard Cure ).

     Armor Art Ultra Clear Epoxy Cast Resin: 48 hours ( Hard Cure ).

  4. What is the working time ( pot life ) of Armor Art products?

     Armor Art Ultra Clear Epoxy Resin : 26 minutes

     Armor Art Ultra Clear Epoxy Cast Resin: 60 minutes 

  5. What is the storage time of Armor Art?

    Armot Art products can be stored 6 months in opened container, 12 months in unopened container after production date.

  6. Does Armor Art has UV protection?

    Armor Art has an excellent UV properties from protect sunlight and UV light.

  7. Is Armor Art self-levelling?

    Yes, Armor Art is self-levelling. You can spread resin around your project or piece with a brush, roller  and spreader and it will level by itself.

  8. What kind of coverage can I expect?

    Armor Art has varies size of products. 150 gr ( 4.7 oz ) size of product can cover 0.30 m² ( 3.2 ft² ) at 250 micron. 

    Coverage : 100 gr covers approx. 0.20 m² ( 2.15 ft² )  at 250 micron

  9. Can I do a second coat?

    Yes, You can do second coat.  There are two option to make a second coat.  You can apply second coat after  4 – 6 hours or  you can apply second when the resin is fully cured.  If you wish to apply second coat after resin cured, you must lightly sand the first layer for adhere properly. Sanding will cause the first layer to look scuffed until you pour the second coat on.

  10. Can Armor Art be tinted?

    Yes, Armor Art can be tinted with pigment, dye, acrylic or ink.


  11. What kind of mold can I use with Armor Art?

    You can use silicone mold to make cast or other objects.